What will happen if modern ideas about the development of adult people, research on brain neuroplasticity, current leadership theories and best coaching practices are combined? And what if methods of attention management, body practice, coaching, group work and integral theory are added to the combination?

You will get Evolution: a program for the development of integral leadership and personal maturity.

The complexity each of us is faced with in our new fast and volatile world requires the ability and skills to address problems from different perspectives, to study ourselves on a very deep level and to understand our own values, motivations, strengths and limitations, as well as to be capable of an open communication and teamwork.

"We have the opportunity to become the greatest possible version of ourselves"

Ken Wilber

Evolution combines and integrates several scientific and practical approaches to human development:

Personal development: from the Assessment of Personality by Robert Hogan to the Vertical Development model developed in Harvard.

Project activities: from Ken Wilber's Four Quadrant model to the Loop Learning concepts by Bill Torbert.

Social and communicative development: from the MBTI Typology to the EQ (Emotional Intelligence).

The creation and implementation of changes: from the theory of Polarity Management by Barry Johnson to the "Immunity to Change" by Robert Kegan.

Despite the abundance of various approaches, theories and practices, the basic idea of the program is very simple: the core of the evolution of personal maturity is in the integration of the person's isolated parts.

People develop by mastering and changing the logic they operate by: the way we think, the way we treat events of our life, the way we structure the information that comes to us, and what we are guided by when making decisions...

Development involves reflecting on and changing of our usual logic of action. Such changes do not occur quickly, that is why the program's duration is 8 months.

The main components of the program

Modules are four three-day sessions where participants receive the theoretical foundations of new approaches to development and practice working with the new knowledge
When we do what we usually do, we get what we usually get.
A prerequisite for participating in this program is a personal project that you find important, difficult to implement and related to what you really want to attain.
This project will enable you to apply new action logic, structure the project implementation in a different way and get a result that you have never received before.
Changing your usual models is hard work. And the support of a group can be extremely helpful in complex processes.
That is why part of the work in the inter-module space will take place in groups
Every time you start doing things that you have not done before, you feel the resistance of the environment that has got used to you: to your reactions, reflections and manifestations. That is why we introduce your personal coach into the program who will support you throughout the months of the program.
It is essential to have a person who is in a situation similar to yours as an interlocutor, assistant and fellow traveler.
Not a training manager, not a coach, not a specially trained expert but someone like you who is also doing such a program and is experiencing everything that is happening.
Open Program 2019: Schedule
Module 1:
About Myself

April 19 - 20 - 21, 2019
Module 2
About the Project

June 14 - 15–16, 2019
Module 3
About Others

September 13 - 14–15, 2019
Module 4
About Changes

November 15 - 16–17, 2019
Program presenters
Evgenia Volianskaya

Founder and Senior Partner of Evolution project

Over 18 years of experience in counselling for owners and key managers of various businesses.
Evaluation and development of leadership for managers, assessment of potential and building of effective teams; building systems of continuity planning (succession pool) and talent development in Russian and international organizations.
Evgenia develops and conducts strategic and working sessions, executive development programs on the following topics: personal and team leadership, vertical development, action research, emotional intelligence, change management, coaching, mentoring. She does projects on development and implementation of mission, values and changes in corporate culture.
Certified Expert, Evaluation of Senior Managers, Human Asset Review®, Hogan Assessments® and LeaderFit®. Certified Expert, Identifying Personal Preferences with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), OPP. Certified Facilitator (Sam Kaner School, USA). Certified Coach, Executive Coaching (UC Berkeley, USA, University of Cambridge, UK), MetaIntegral Certificate, (California, USA).
Andrey Chernyakov

Founder and Senior Partner of Evolution project

Implements projects in changes support, value systems introduction, building corporate culture, forming effective teams and developing leadership.
Develops and conducts coaching sessions and business trainings in the following areas: leadership, conflict management, team building, MBTI, modern technologies for the assessment and development of employees, development of emotional intelligence, efficient business communication.
More than twenty years of working in HR (consulting, coaching and training).
Previously Andrey was the marketing director in a major media holding and the HR director in a Russian retail company.
He is a certified expert in the assessment of senior management (Hogan Interpreting & Providing Professional Development Feedback. UK, 3MM), a certified expert in defining personal preferences by Myers-Briggs (MBTI®), OPP, a certified facilitator (Community At Work (San Francisco, USA)), a certified expert in leadership and coaching (UC, Berkeley, USA). Andrey studied at the MetaIntegral Academy (CA, USA)
Participation fee
For corporate participants:
The cost of the entire course: 620,000 (five hundred thousand) rubles
This amount is divided into three parts (50%, 25% and 25%)
Those able to pay the whole amount at once get a 10% discount and pay 558,000 rubles.

For individuals:
The cost of the entire course: 620,000 (five hundred thousand) rubles
This amount is divided into three parts (50%, 25% and 25%)
Those able to pay the whole amount at once get a 10% discount and pay 558,000 rubles.
Learn more about opportunities to pay less for individuals in FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I do your program?
The main answer is to become the greatest possible version of youself
Could you explain in more detail?
There are a few answers to that question:

A decent answer: one's success in the modern world is directly associated with soft skills. A study at Harvard University and the Stanford Research Institute suggests that the hard skills contribution into an employee's professional success is only 15%, while soft skills determine the remaining 85%. Most of our course is about soft skills.
Another reasonable answer: you probably know a lot and can do a lot. And you have excellent thoughts on how you can become richer, more independent and successful. And live life not being built into the "boss – Monday – alarm clock" system. But sometimes it is not easy to implement the ideas: it seems that you have energy and ideas, but everything is stuck. Either there is no time, or you go on holiday, or something else interferes. There is no one else, except for you, who could cope with this. And our program can provide the right state that will enable everything to happen.
And there is one more answer. Suppose that everything has worked out. You have built a business, reached your goals, planted a tree, built a house, what else was there... You have succeeded! And now you have this question "... and what now?" That is, you know how to do and how to achieve. And yet you don't know why to do it. Join us and we definitely will definitely have what to discuss during the program.
Can I start with the second module?
The common answer is no. You will miss too much and it will be difficult to join in
Can I skip modules?
The general answer is no. We make the program based on the fact that each module is important and significant. But life makes its own adjustments and we respectfully treat the vicissitudes of your life. In most difficult cases, we will be prepared even to hold a separate meeting with you, which will be paid separately.
Who cannot get on your program?
Oh! We have a huge number of restrictions! Approximately three:
1. You should influence people. As a manager, trainer, consultant, school teacher, academician, policeman... It will be difficult for you to take the course if you are not built into the social space or you consider yourself as a "lone lighthouse keeper." We have great respect for this role of yours, it's just it is not very suitable for this program. Maybe we will make a separate course for you. Then we will inform you about it straight away.
2. You must be over 30 years old. Even better over 35. Seriously! This restriction is caused by peculiarities and the mental development laws of adults. Among people younger than this age there are fortunate exceptions, but, in general, it is early to do the program before that age.
3. You must be able to pay for yourself. Especially considering the previous paragraph.
That seems to be about all. If we come up with any other restrictions, we will certainly inform you about them.
I do not have a project, can I go to the program?
Of course! It is not good if you have no project by the beginning of the second module. It will mean that you failed to focus, and we failed to help you to focus. This means that we will need to talk about whether you should continue the program
Do you have discounts?
Yes, we do. And they are quite significant.
If you bring more than three people with you, you receive an additional 10% discount.
Another discount can be obtained if you are recommended by one of our graduates. We have a great respect for our graduates and trust their opinion. If they recommend you to us as a program participant, we are prepared to give you a 5% discount in addition to any other discounts.
Important: we can add the discounts, but the minimum amount of payment cannot be less than 400,000 rubles per course.
I have decided to do the program! What shall I do?
Option 1: click on "Register for the program", leave your contact details and we will call you back.

Option 2: call +79263710823 and say that you want to enroll in the program. You will be either connected to a manager who will advise you or you will give your contact details and we will call you back.

Option 3: write to us at [email protected] and we will get in touch with you.

As a result of all these actions, we will agree on the time of an interview via Skype, after which you can:
– Have a contract and an invoice
– Pay the invoice
– Come to the program!

[email protected]